My Coaching Services Include:

Holistic Lifestyle Coaching

I will work with you to Think Bright, Eat Right, and Move Smart. If you live nearby great, for those of you who don't I provide online coaching services, I love meeting and coaching people from all around the world. I have worked with many clients from Saudi, to Lebanon, to Abidjan, to USA, to France and list goes on.

Personal Training

I am certified Personal Trainer, Sports Nutritionist, Holistic Lifestyle Coach and Exercise Coach, highly passionate and committed to individualize HOLISTIC training sessions bases on my client's needs. I guarantee results.

Pre & Post Natal Coaching

As a mother and luckily as a Holicstic Lifestyle & Exercise Coach, I've managed to gain 8.5 kilos during pregnancy and got rid of it all in less than 48 hours, I surely understand that not everyone is the same, I also am very confident that I can work with you to share all what I've learned through my motherhood experience from eating the right food to flattening the stomach in no time.

Program Design

If you are one of those people who like to train alone but you're not really sure which exercises are right for you, I can work with you to design a HOLISTIC FITNESS program tailored for your body type, schedule limitations and financial commitment. Your program will be accessible online via your phone or computer including video tutorials and visual guides.

Healthy Eating

The first step to a new self is eating right. I will prepare weekly meal plans tailored to your individual metabolic type and needs, preferences or budget along with your grocery list so you always know what to buy. Learn to cook your way to a healthy lifestyle with delicious recipes, tricks and tips.

We are NOT a good match if:

  • You’re not really committed to a healthier and happier life
  • You’re already healthy happy
  • You don’t feel 100% ready to take this step
  • You don’t truly believe that “When there’s a will, there’s a way”