Did you know that you’d never have a feeling unless you have a thought?


Everything starts with a mindset, whatever decision we make, whether to overcome a physical disease, an emotional trauma, or achieving a goal. The thoughts encourage us to have feelings, by learning how to acknowledge and embrace those feelings, we open space to explore our needs, and that’s how we take optimal actions.

The proper hydration has immense power to heal us.


Many of us are confused on how much water we actually need, what kind of water to consume, and when. Often times we even skip looking into the quality of our water, especially its mineral, bacterial or chemical content. Learning how to hydrate properly holds a very important key to wellness.

There’s no healthy or unhealthy food to start with, any food could be healthy depending on the circumstances.


By learning how to listen to your body, before you listen to anyone else, you’ll understand what’s the optimal food for you in any circumstance.

Movement means life, and we are all born athletes.


Movement is absolutely not only about lifting heavy weights or performing hours of cardiovascular workouts. It is first about creating muscular balance by taking care of upright posture, integrating proper breathing techniques, and eventually pushing the body to get better and stronger.