4 steps to 100%

When I have an initial conversation with someone who’s willing to work with me to transform their wellbeing, I ask a simple question “How committed you are to the work, on scale 0 to 100%?”. Therefore I have received a question saying “How can I find a working way to achieve 100% commitment. A way to set my mind and not fall from the track on the first day or week?”.

I believe this is a very important question, and today I’d like to give you a very simple yet effective tool to figuring this out.

1- DREAM: Let your goal be dream driven vs. SHOULD or SHOULDN’T. Make sure that dream is realistic to achieve in a certain timeline. For example if I decide to stop gluten, I have a dream to look and feel better in three months time, and when I’m in a social gathering and they bring that freshly baked yummy bread next to my nose, I don’t tell to myself “Houry you shouldn’t touch it” instead I say “I would look and feel much healthier if I don’t eat this bread tonight”.

2- 80/20 RULE: Make sure to have the flexibility to apply whatever it is that you have decided at least 80% of the time, and to get out of the way the 20%. In my case it’s near 95% because I love myself more than that piece of non-optimal food, or no exercise day that I could tolerate happening once in a blue moon.

3- GENTLE: Be gentle with yourself, even if you let’s say fell of track (which happens even with me), just make sure to get yourself up again, remember the cliche metaphor that a child would never learn how to walk let alone run, if they didn’t get up each time they fell. Use your words carefully when you speak to yourself, use the same encouragement and support words you would use with a friend that needs your support only this time with your own self.

4- ONE STEP AT A TIME: 1% a day leads to 100% in 100 days, need I say more?

If you answered yes to the last question, maybe it’s time for us to have a conversation.

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