5 Steps to Lasting Change

Time for change, it’s finally there, the motivation is at the peek, the determination has never been this powerful, there is no doubt it’s time to make it happen. It’s all great, you pay a decent amount for everything you need to achieve your new goal, many new equipments/clothings, etc.., every relative book has already been read at least once, you’re almost certain you know better than any professional in the field, you’re totally fully equipped.. Nothing can stop you, you’ve got all you need.

Few weeks pass..

You barely think about the subject during your busy day, your new equipments have a layer of dust on them, and you’ve been avoiding your friends and family, because you don’t know how to answer the question “How’s your progress?”.

What just happened? I’ll tell you what happened.. Your subconscious mind-body took over and they started telling you “don’t waste your time”, “You’re too tired today”, “Life is too short to have fun instead”,… and when you start feeling guilty, your subconscious won’t even lose a second to tell you “See, I told you, you’re not good enough”, “You have a whole past of not succeeding in this”, “Why do you even try again?”

There is absolutely no doubt that we all desire lasting changes, but at times it sound like a mission impossible. Change happens in the brain, therefore for it to be sustainable we need to alter the mind. When you take some time on daily basis to put your focus and attention on your dream and the new reality it will bring with it, versus the past experiences, your body will follow your mind towards accomplishing new goals, instead of repeating the past patterns.

If you want to make that shift, and finally make that change last, here are five simple steps of how to do it.

1- Write Your Why?

Make sure you have a clear understanding of how your goal first and foremost will serve you, before it serves anyone else. Have a great clarity about what kind of value this goal or dream is going to bring in your life, therefore in the life of your loved ones. Finally write your goal down, as apparently when you write down, the brain stops worrying about the planning part, and feels ready to move to the execution.

2- Set Realistic Goals

Make sure you don’t set goals that are unhealthy or impossible to achieve, such as dropping 25 kgs. in a month. Set something that you’re certain you can do it, and you’re welcome to double those goals once the initial ones are met.

3- Baby Steps

If engineers tried to build a 10 floor building focusing on all the floors at the same time, they won’t be able to put even a single brick on top of the other. The scenario is exactly the same with your goals, if you’re trying to do everything at once, you’ll find yourself stopping before you even start.. Therefore do not move into another step, till you master one. I always say to the community I work with, “imagine achieving your goal was like playing a video game, you do the work everyday till you master it, and only then you unlock the next level.”.

4- Be Consistent

I should admit, this is one of the trickiest ones, as no matter what you do, if you’re not consistent, it’s very hard to get the result you want. Reminding yourself first thing in the morning and last thing at night of what you want to achieve and when. Is one of the great ways to stay on track, adding journaling to it, can double the impact.

5- Reward Versus Punishment

We are our own worst critics; we can be the master of self judgement, self shame/blame, and punishment. Which happens to be a great recipe for failure especially when it comes to achieving our goals. I would highly encourage self reward instead, with every small milestone, a celebration, and a tap in the back, with the reminder to the self that “you’re a genius, you’re doing such a great job, keep up the good work”. And in case of slowing down, to show self empathy and encouragement that it’s just a tiny little bump on the road, that will soon pass.

These are basic yet effective steps. Doing the rest of the work is totally up to you. Notice the word IMPOSSIBLE itself says I’M POSSIBLE.

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