What to expect

The problem

You're confused most probably because you’re looking for your answers everywhere else but inside of you. What if I told you that what’s holding you back from achieving the results you’d desire, is the confusion you have within parts of yourself.

If you're ALL IN

for finding your answers within, by activating your inner guide through a pragmatic, scientifically-backed solution.

 Then you're in the right place.

Station Wellness

is the terminal for people who are ready to take the responsibility of approaching their life as a whole. By connecting their mental, physical, emotional and hormonal parts, and treat it as a whole.

Karina Vasiljeva said

"Houry will turn your world upside down, question everything you believe to be true, take you apart piece by piece, and then put you back together into a super-human version of you.”

Hi! I'm Houry (Hoo Ree)

I'm a HOLISTIC coach.

There's so much information out there about health and happiness, but our busy lifestyle often gets in the way of finding optimal solutions. And this confuses us even more! Improving your quality of life might seem like only a dream, but I believe it can be your new reality. And I'll help you create it.

Remember within you, you have every single tool you need to guide yourself towards a better life. Physically, mentally, and emotionally. It’s only when you activate your inner guide, the work becomes effortless. I coach you on how to get that

Ready to live your optimal happy and healthy life?

Services & Fees

  • 1:1 weekly sessions 450€/month
  • 1:1 two sessions 250€/month
  • 1:1 session 150€/session
  • Group Sessions 75€/month
  • Corporate Trainings 350€/hour