My Coaching Services Include:

Holistic Lifestyle Coaching

Will give you the tools to understand how to tune in and listen to your own body, from what foods to eat, what kind of exercises to pick, how to rest, to how to control the thoughts. Which in turn will resolve the confusion you might have from being exposed to way too many types of information available out there.

Holistic Exercise Coaching

Whether you are an athlete or a novice, the workout program we design together, considering the feasibility of your time and available equipments, will progress your workout further, making your goals possible to achieve by addressing mental and physical obstacles, and overcoming muscle imbalances, pain, or fatigue.

Personal & Professional Coaching

Will provide you all the tools, the exercises and the methods of thinking to achieve personal and professional growth, from communication skills, to finding your legacy, or controlling your anxious mind by simply understanding the root causes.

Public Speaking & Workshops

Holistic programs and workshops could be tailored to organizations, groups, schools, etc..

We are NOT a good match if:

  • You’re not really committed to a healthier and happier life
  • You’re already healthy happy
  • You don’t feel 100% ready to take this step
  • You don’t truly believe that “Where there’s a will, there’s a way”