I’ve always considered myself very lucky as not owning an addictive personality. Since my early ages, I’ve always had the will power to hold myself back from a potential addiction.

It all started when I was about 4, with eating candies (like most kids), when one day my mom told me, that candies may harm the teeth. That was it, from there on, I politely told people offering me candies “no, it’s not good for my teeth, thank you, but I can’t accept it”.

Then I discovered when I was about 21, the idea of smoking few cigarettes a day at the university’s cafeteria as a very cool social gesture. Till one day at the supermarket, I remember like it was yesterday, I told the clerk to put the pack I was about to purchase back, and again that was it.

While I was in my mid 20’s, I started hanging out regularly with a group of fun and cool friends, who were into consuming alcohol and drugs of all sorts, I managed to pull myself out in no time.. (and yes I’ve experienced some).

Fast forward to few weeks back, I started playing this game called Design Home on my phone, I was spending hours everyday on it, thinking about it the first thing in the morning upon waking up, and ending my day with it just before going to bed, I had no control, even when my child was speaking to me, my whole focus was on the game most times.. I finally had the courage and the power to remove it about a week ago.. with no way back!

Now that I’m into Holistic Wellness, I finally can scientifically understand and explain Addiction based on research; as a desperate attempt to sort of control severe depression, or to lower the major inflammatory biomarkers in the body.

I am observing that every time I was having a tough period in my life, I was sort of tempted to start an addictive behavior, which today I have the tools to explain it as an attempt to numb my psychological pain. Yet, I also understand that what has been very helpful throughout my life, was that I’ve managed to keep the homeostasis in the ares of my movement and nutrition active, such as moving daily and eating nutritious food.

Today, I know I’ll add practicing what I very much love, being surrounded with the right kind of friends, having an awesome supportive husband, and an adorable child, makes it way easier to get back on track much faster, towards living my legacy.


1- Am I giving myself what I deserve? from practicing what I love the most to having enough time for myself?

2- Am I surrounded with the people who would support my dream?

3- Is my lifestyle (movement and nutrition) supporting me?

Then take it one step at a time, just give enough effort to do 1% extra every day, as that’s going to lead you to 100% in 100 days..

Please do remember, you’re unique and special just the way you are, and there is nothing on Earth that you can’t do, if you put your heart and soul to it!

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