Vitamin D Deficiency

It’s common these days to hear that people are diagnosed with a deficiency in Vitamin D. It’s even more common to hear people say “I get exposed to sunlight a lot, I don’t understand how come I’m deficient”. As someone very keen and curious about health and wellbeing, I haven’t yet met or heard of […]

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Not Sugar Free

This article is everything but “sugar-free”. If you’re anything like the average “health-conscious person” out there, you might find the information I’m about to share with you very difficult to digest.  I know. I was seeing sugar as an enemy just a few years ago. I was limiting all my carbohydrate intake, including fruits. I […]

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4 steps to 100%

When I have an initial conversation with someone who’s willing to work with me to transform their wellbeing, I ask a simple question “How committed you are to the work, on scale 0 to 100%?”. Therefore I have received a question saying “How can I find a working way to achieve 100% commitment. A way […]

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I have decided to make Tuesdays a day for “Ask me Anything” on my social media, therefore last Tuesday I have received a question from a dear lady who asked “How to make your partner to do anything for you?”, at first I wasn’t sure if she was joking, or if she was serious. Understanding the […]

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