# Bored House Wife


I am not perfect, but I surely am different. I’ve had many titles before “Student”, “Waitress”, “Personal Trainer”, “Nutritionist”, “Coach”, “Holistic Lifestyle Coach”, to name a few.. the most inspiring one though was being labeled as a “Bored Housewife”. It made me feel special and different. I am not labeled as a sheep following the herd, somewhere, somehow I apparently am doing something different.


I’ve met, worked, or coached many “bored housewives”, who have inspired me. My beautiful friend who raised an autistic child that just has started majoring Mythology in Colombia University. My hero who was a rape victim who made the choice to become a hero instead of the victim. My mother in law who did the impossible to provide great education to her children. My mom who did her best to raise free thinkers. My sister who was strong enough to drop out from school and become one of the self educated smartest people I know. My sister in law who is source of creativity. My friend Lisa who did Iron Man in memory of her husband’s death after a harsh battle with cancer. My friend Zeynep who taught me everything about positive parenting. My friend Georgia who is a very dedicated mother of twins managing to support her family. Anthea who has an unlimited source of love and care towards her pupils. Florentina who decided to leave her diplomatic day job and open a healthy restaurant. And so many more of the powerful women I’ve met.


Do you know what’s common among them all? None of them are sheep, none of them have a stable job or a secured income, but all of them are making a difference in this World, taking risks every single day, loving and caring enough to support themselves, their husbands, kids, families, friends, or communities.


I do get bored, overwhelmed, frustrated, and exhausted sometimes. I make mistakes probably every single day, but I choose to learn from them. I am a very proud “bored housewife” /holistic wellness coach, who understood from early on, that I can’t be captivated by the norm, I had to do something different, change lives, that change started from within by unlearning and relearning.


I am a proud “Bored Housewife” and I’m honored to be so.. and I know there are many more of us out there. So let’s gather up share and learn from each other’s experiences and show the World how “Bored housewives” are capable of accomplishing many things as long as they put their mind and soul into something! #BoredHW

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