Clinch or Dare?

Did you ever hear about a new technique, training, diet, exercise or a program, which grabbed your attention, you were very convinced, watched many videos, read countless articles, that you even decided to apply it in your life, to welcome a change, to solve a problem you had for years. But at one point you got busy with life again and you never had the energy, or the time to continue applying it.

So did i.

That’s how I decided to hire a coach, and after experiencing it’s influence in my own life.

About five years ago I’ve made the decision to become a holistic wellness coach.

When you make the choice to work with me, you don’t come to hear what you already know, get reminded of what you’ve been procrastinating, or analyze till you’re paralyzed.. You come to team up to start the process of transforming.

It took me over seven years of study, and five years of practice to assemble an experience that will transform you holistically. I coach, I teach, I cooperate with you to recreate your life in the most meaningful and pleasant way possible.

Working together means to take action steps, to apply your insights, to get you out of your comfort zone, and most importantly to dare you to do the things that might just change your life.

If you’re daring to start transforming your life holistically, let’s have a conversation!

Yours for WELLNESS,


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