Dead Lift or Dead Back?

For those of you who are unfamiliar with dead lifts, they are one of the most important exercises to develop the strength in your posterior chai i.e: back muscles. You most probably will see many strong guys and gals at the gym performing this exercise with heavy weights.
I personally love dead lifts. These days, I lift around 50kgs. and work to develop my muscles to be able to carry more, no no I’m not trying to show off or anything, ok ok maybe a little. 😉
The reason for writing this, is mostly the frustration I felt yesterday when I witnessed this handsome trainer at the gym instructing his trainee to perform some heavy weight dead lifts.

Why was I frustrated? Mainly for two major reasons that I’m really tired of seeing it getting repeated everywhere.

1) The Weight Lifting Belts. Most people and trainers alike think that using it will actually protect the lower back, in reality, it actually will stop your lower back and your inner core unit from doing their jobs, which will eventually weaken them. You have an inner core muscle which is called TRANSVERSE ABDOMINIS. When trained right it does the exact same job or probably even better than that man-made belt.


2) The other thing I’ve heard this trainer say was that he needs to bend and reach the barbell all the way to the floor, and even hit the floor with it. Well I believe that he’s not very much aware that lowering the barbell after a certain point without bending the knees only stretches the ligaments of the lower back; especially if it’s performed with poor posture, which in case of existence of any weakness in the back muscles the only possible outcome could be back problems and nothing more.


So next time you do dead lifts, make sure you do it safely. Your body will thank you for it!

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