Fear to Courage

About few weeks ago I was sort of freaking out, when I first heard what was happening in Italy and how some of my friends and part of my family were really scared, I had few sleepless nights, and reached out to my really two good friends, my coach and my homeopath to take their insights on it.. not ignoring the huge argument I had with my sister, who told me to stop my non sense..

My wonderful coach reminded me how it was all about the terrain and not the virus itself, and that with my knowledge I am capable to lead people to boost their immunity. On the other hand my genius homeopath brought to my attention how precious and sacred my inner voice is vs. every other voice around. And above all my smart sister kicked my butt really hard clarifying me how foolishly I was acting..

That was it, it was about time to reconsider what I was doing and put myself together to start leading instead of foolishly following.. so I did take few action steps:

  • I have unfollowed every news source, and I decided to only check the local news and the Worldwide statistics once a day in the morning.

  • I have carefully chosen which scientists, practitioners, friends to follow on social media (they can be counted on one hand), and they are people who I’ve been following and trusted their work for years, no room for newcomers at this moment.

  • I refuse to watch, read, listen to anything that my gut feeling says “NO” to, even if it comes from a loved one.

  • Most importantly I don’t ignore my meditation practice first thing in the morning before even turning my internet on.

  • Movement is life, I make sure to exercise daily.

  • I focus on optimal nutrition and 100% organic food.

  • I sleep not later than 10:00 pm

  • I hydrate as much as my body needs.

  • I expose daily to either Sunlight or Redlight Therapy.

It literally took just basic few steps to turn my fear into courage, and I honestly believe sickness or low immunity starts with your mindset, if you feel vulnerable so does your body.. if you feel positive and strong, guess what? Your body is following..

My question to those of you who are in fight, flight or freeze mode, how is being in this state helping you at all? I understand that sometimes it can get out of control, but the problem is when you allow that to take it’s toll instead of doing something about it. I would like to invite you to try this very basic step of listening to your GUT feeling, to connect with only whatever or whoever you only need to.. And if it makes sense to you, please feel free to use or share the steps I have taken, to change your or even someone else’s life today..

I am seeing the bright light in the darkness, and my wish is to be able to show you just that.. With loads of love and positive energy.

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