I’m Nervous

Today is one of those days that I don’t know how to control my emotions, to be less nervous, less tired, and how to focus more on work and be productive, this doesn’t happen often, but when it does, it bothers me, because I feel like I’m wasting my time, not acting fairly with people around me, which doesn’t feel right.

It all goes back into eating chicken soup last night, despite knowing the fact that it’s not the optimal dinner for me, I had it anyway. I ended up waking up several times in the middle of the night, while my mind was bugging me up with all these anxious thoughts. If I didn’t know anything about nutrition and blood glucose, I would question what has happened, but I have the tools to understand that it all had to do with my blood glucose dropping few hours after consuming high protein and fat at night.

As a holistic lifestyle coach, who coaches and guides people to develop themselves on the levels of mindset, nutrition and exercise.. I insist that there is no way you can focus on developing yourself and your people’s skills unless you sleep well and wake up rested in the morning, and obviously one of the major ways to do so, it is to actually eat the right food that suits YOU, I invite you to observe it from a more holistic point of view, how do you behave when you’re stomach is full vs. when you’re hungry? when you’re rested vs. when you’re restless?


In summary, taking care of yourself is not only a selfish act as some people think, it’s an act that actually helps you and everyone around you feel better.. so next time you have a big meeting to get a business deal, or if you’re getting to resolve a conflict with a loved one, make sure your stomach is full and you had a good night sleep before you initiate something. And optimally imagine how much growth there is for you as a person when you aim for having that balance as an ongoing sustainable lifestyle choice.

I’ll make sure to have some organic yogurt tonight, and head to bed not later than 10..


Sleep Tight!


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