Kick Start Your New Year


Do you know who you are? And more importantly do you know who you want to become?

It is a proven fact that people with a purpose are less prone to diseases. They are naturally more motivated, vital, and certainly happier.


Unfortunately, many people today despite being rich, busy, working hard, are not truly living their LEGACY, and that’s because they are not in alignment with their true purpose. I’m talking about people who have a hard time getting up in the morning, people who struggle sticking to their healthy habits, people who cannot let go of their addictions, people who keep procrastinating tasks, people who are highly stressed, and people who are stuck in their comfort zone. I am confident if you are not one of those people you surly know many of them.


If you are someone who’s constantly thinking “I wish I had another job”, or “I can’t wait to finish my work and go home”, or “I wish I was healthier”, or “what would others say?”, or “I don’t have time”.. it’s time for you to get a clearer picture of what your purpose, dream and goal is.


Here are few questions to define your purpose:

1- When did you feel the happiest in your life?
2- Doing what gives you a sense of purpose?
3- Who are you surrounded when you feel the happiest?
4- What kind of environment makes you feel vital?
5- What kind of lifestyle habits contribute to your wellbeing?

If these questions help you realize a bit about your purpose, then join me to explore more.. In my upcoming one month online workshop of Holistic Goal Setting in January 2019, we shall kick start the New Year with a powerful and purposeful resolution.. If you don’t want to procrastinate anymore then let’s talk.

To guarantee your purposeful 2019, reach out!
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