Master Your Life!

Once upon a time I was feeling heartbroken, overworked, exhausted and sort of hopeless. I was literally dragging myself to work everyday, the very same job that I was very much in love with wasn’t enough to excite me any longer, it really felt like my energy tank was empty, and I had no idea how to refill it, I was trying everything from yoga to meditations to seeing a shrink to EMF techniques, nothing seemed to be helping..

I was desperate for a change, yet I had no idea where to look for it.. I didn’t even know if it was possible.

One of those days, on a Saturday night an old friend from Egypt who was visiting town, called me up to invite me for dinner, I resisted, I wasn’t in a mood, but when he insisted I said ok, during dinner I was sharing with him recent professional photos which were taken while I was instructing a group fitness class.. He looked at it, starred back at me and asked the million dollar question “Would you like to go and work for an HRH prince in Saudi Arabia?” and without hesitation I said “Of course NOT”.

The next day I started receiving calls from Saudi, I was asked to send my CV and to give a date to travel for an interview in KSA, I sent the CV (without even updating it), I even answered the questionnaires they sent while tanning at the beach, and I’ve informed that I couldn’t go anytime soon for an interview.

Few days later, I received an invitation to have dinner from my friend again, only this time the prince’s cousin and his wife were joining us, which I discovered later that the whole purpose of that dinner was to convince me not to miss such an opportunity.

I was living in a society shaming, and labeling a girl who would go work and live in Saudi was very common, therefore it wasn’t a topic that I was comfortable to discuss with many, even if it was just an interview.. I chose to speak to only one person, my very dear friend Arthur who has always managed to create this safe space for me to share anything I wanted.. And as I expected he was very supportive for the idea that I should at least go to an interview and find out.

Exactly 10 days after saying my “NO” I found myself in Jeddah, where I was supposed to stay no longer than 3 days.. soon my trip was extended to 5 days, during this period I met both the prince and his lovely wife, explored the compound that was gonna become home if I accepted to get the job, met all these wonderful people that were working for the family. Surprisingly, both Saudi and the work environment weren’t as horrible as I was imagining at all, in the matter of fact everything was better than I ever expected.

The moment I was back home in Lebanon, I received a phone call with a job proposal, and I was given only few days to answer, as the family were soon going to travel to New York and if I was going to accept the job I had to go and get my papers, and visas sorted in less than a month.

I said “Yes”, while I started canceling my contracts with the places and people I was working with.. I started literally getting bombarded with remarks such as “You’re crazy, you’ll regret it”, “You’re doing the biggest mistake of your career”, “You’ll be back in less than 3 months” and on and on..

Just about three weeks after I said yes, I was officially moved to Saudi Arabia, serving this wonderful royal couple who never requested anything without using the words “Please” and “Thank you”.. who supported me with my studies, motivated me to learn more and improve myself, never interfering in my personal life, with whom I traveled to places in their private jets, and yachts, and most important of all, I met my other half only six months after my move, and I had my precious baby born in the very same place three years later.

This period of my life changed one very important thing, which I believe my entire coaching is shaped around.. GET OUT OF YOUR COMFORT ZONE, TRUST YOURSELF, AND IGNORE EVERYTHING ELSE. And please remember that when you are faced with life challenges, that’s the best time to reinvent your life and to create.

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