Mental Health

It’s so wonderful witnessing the awareness for mental health issues, and it would be more wonderful if we have paid a little closer attention to how the nutrition may be contributing in our mental wellbeing.

Estrogen excess can cause suicidal depression, or milder forms of depression and lethargy, as well as irritability, aggressiveness, anxiety, fear of public places, forgetfulness, a feeling of confusion, and a tendency to cry easily.

Excess estrogen is usually the result of frequent consumption of foods such as grains, beans, nutsseedssoyalcoholfood rich in poly unsaturated fatty acids basically… as well as the frequent use of most commercial cosmetics such as perfume, creams, deodorants and hygiene products.

Your body can take it through your skin and nose as much as through your mouth..

Along with reduction of the consumption of the foods and cosmetics above, daily intake of carrot salad, could be very beneficial in reducing the estrogen in the system.

(My lovely husband is the most handsome model I could actually find, whom I can pay with a kiss, and he’s living a happy life as he’s far far from consuming the above).

Source: Dr. Ray Peat – From PMS to Menopause book

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