Move Smart

There was this very positive and super energetic colleague of mine, an instructor named Moeen at one of the gyms in Lebanon where I used to instruct group fitness classes. The guy had background in Martial Arts, I used to admire him not only for his sweet personality, but mainly for the skills he had in kneeling and standing on a Swiss ball, I envied him so much, I wanted to learn. After years of practice and hard falls, I managed to master the game, I even reached a point where I can easily squat on a Swiss Ball, to a degree that it became the trick I carried to every gym I went to, to show off my self taught skill, skipping the humbleness part which Moeen mastered.

About three years ago, one day I was at the gym early in the morning, I decided to impress even wider audience on facebook, so I decided to go live, to try something I haven’t ever done in my life, Cable cross standing on a Swiss ball LIVE.. and I did! Only to come back home, with a terrible hip pain, something was not right, I ignored and the next day and the ones after I continued playing with weights in different shapes and forms kneeling, standing and doing all sorts of crazy stuff on a Swiss ball. On top of the hip pain, this time my knee started hurting so bad, shortly my tailbone followed. I had no clue what was going on, supposedly I’m a corrective exercise coach, I should know better.

If I ask myself the question of why I was choosing to exercise on a Swiss ball today, despite feeling pain, I can only come up with two reasons:

  1. Because of my ego, as it is super easy to impress people when you perform different tricks, and who doesn’t like attention?
  2. To strengthen my “core” and “legs”.

Little did I know that the attention I was lacking to give to myself, I was seeking it from the others, trying too hard to impress vs. making an effort to connect. And when it comes to the strengthening part, I’ve really learned it the painful way that too much instability such as standing on a Swiss ball, will not give you enough intensity and weight to develop strong legs or core. A wise exercise program will be a combination of exercises with just the right amount of stability to develop strength, flexibility, mobility, and all.

My mom always says “the less you speak, the less you do mistakes”
I finally reached a humbleness level to let others shine, to show and speak as less as I can, and only if needed, or at least I’m trying my very best every single day.

I’m very grateful to all sorts of social and physical pain that I had to go through, to understand life and physical self better, it surely made me grow and become a better person, a wiser mother and a coach with an experience vs. just a theory, my pains take a huge role in every message I convey, action I take to inspire, guide and motivate people. Today at age 40, I’m humble and joyful to say I have no physical pain compared to what I had when I was in my 20’s.

Oh and I am a humble student and I’ll continue to be. I finally got to master the first skill Moeen had.

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